What Is It?

Our Clinicians are proud to offer “TelePlay Therapy” as an option to families who are unable to attend in-person clinical sessions during these difficult and uncertain times.

TelePlay therapy is a form of “virtual” play therapy. 
Play is to the child what talk is to the adult.

Play therapy is a medium for expressing feelings, exploring relationships, describing experiences, disclosing wishes, and self-fulfillment. Children express themselves and their needs, relive their past, and connect with others through play. The use of toys enables children to transfer anxieties, fears, fantasies, and guilt to objects rather than people. In the process, children are safe from their own feelings and reactions because play enables children to distance themselves from traumatic events and experiences.

How Does It Work?

Your clinician will be utilizing a variety of developmentally appropriate, child-centered activities including but not limited to: art, puppets, biblio-therapy, games, and non-directive play {where your child will utilize toys they have within their own home}. 

***Please know that your clinician will collaborate with you to pre-plan each session if additional supplies will be needed for a particular activity.

What Else Does My Child Need?

Please ensure your child has a safe and private space within your home that they can engage in the session. Some children also like using headphones.

Here are the technical requirements for your session:
– Access to a computer/tablet/smartphone {a device with a camera and microphone/speakers}
– Speakers
– Stable internet connection
– Headphones *optional

Please note that our office strives to offer telepsychology services that resemble a face to face counselling experience. Regardless of our efforts telepsychology services are not the same as face to face counselling services. The therapist is unable to offer the same variety of interventions, approaches and services through the telepsychology platform. It should also be noted that telepsychology services are not appropriate for all presenting mental health concerns. Our therapists will work with you to determine if this modality is an ideal fit for your mental health needs. If telepsychology services are not deemed to be an ideal fit for your mental health needs our team will ensure that you are connected to appropriate services outside of our office. If you are experiencing an emergency please dial 911 on our phone device or visit the nearest hospital.

Our office does not provide 24/7 psychological services.
The following distress lines may be suitable for short term crisis intervention 780-482-HELP (4357) and 1-877-303-2642 (toll free Alberta wide) 

Please note that there are limitations to confidentiality for all psychological services at our office. With the exception of clinical supervisors, all disclosures made in session are confidential and cannot be disclosed to a third party without your written consent except in the following potential cases.
a)  Imminent danger to yourself or others.
b)  Suspicion of abuse or neglect of a vulnerable person such as a child, elder or mentally challenged adult.
c)  Court subpoena.
d)  Defending a malpractice suit.
e)  Collecting unpaid fees, which will be forwarded to Met Credit Collections.