Child Parent Relationship Therapy

Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) is a 10 session model designed to support parents in their relationship with their children. Parents get an opportunity to learn and understand the language of play, while the therapist supports the parents in providing a nurturing and strength-focused environment for their children. Strengthening positive communication and interactions between parents and their children is essential aspect of CPRT. Parents learn and explore strategies that support children in regulating their emotions. The child’s cues (verbal and non-verbal) are explored in a playful manner, while parents are able to practice reflective listening skills while building their child’s emotional vocabulary. The therapist collaborates with the parent and will provide them with information on how to set limits (when necessary) and utilize principles of play therapy. Parents will also engage in at-home sessions while learning how to provide an authentic, accepting, and understanding space in which their child will find safety to explore their own emotions and the relationship with their parent and their world. Subsequently, this naturally enhances the child’s self-esteem as well as the parent’s feeling of confidence. Parents often find that their child’s experience of anxiety and disruptive behaviors decrease over time as new skills are solidified. Each parent and child is unique in their experiences which include and are not limited to presenting concerns, family structures, strengths and struggles. As a result, additional sessions may be required.