Samantha Dover


Mental Health Therapist (Masters Intern)
Office: Leduc

I am a Mental Health Therapist with Family Counselling Centres in Leduc. I work primarily with children and youth at this office, and I have been trained in play therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, and mindfulness techniques. In addition, I am also a certified Grief RecoveryTM specialist.

I firmly believe in the idea of balance, both in therapy and in day to day life, but I also believe that the idea of balance will sit differently with everyone. Therefore, therapy must be something that is individualized for every client. The idea of balance also reflects in my relationships with my clients. Both of us have knowledge and skills to offer and both of us will learn as our relationship grows and develops.

Prior to beginning my Master of Counselling Degree, I worked for a Child Advocacy Centre which means I have extensive knowledge of the impacts of trauma and the criminal-judicial system as well as how to navigate and work with both. Because of this, I have also learned the tremendous value of safe and consistent attachments in our lives and I frequently see cases through this lens.

Through creating safety and consistency and balancing skill building with acceptance, I aim to continuously empower my clients to pursue their best versions of themselves and their lives. I am currently accepting new clients and I look forward to meeting you and your family.