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Millions of people are affected by the excessive drinking of someone close. Hope and Help for family and friends of alcoholics.

Autism Edmonton

Autism Edmonton enhances the lives of families and individuals living with autism, by providing life-long support and creating awareness . . .

Canadian Mental Health Association

CMHA branches across Canada provide a wide range of innovative services and supports to people who are experiencing mental illness and their families.

Depression Hurts

Millions of people are affected by the excessive drinking of someone close. Hope and Help for family and friends of alcoholics.

Rise Up Society

Through counselling, support and education, Riseup brings hope and healing to those impacted by domestic abuse, and educates and empowers communities to end that abuse.

Sexual Assault Center Edmonton

SACE offers individual and group counselling for people who have experienced sexual violence, including sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

Leduc & District Victim Services

We provide a highly skilled, compassionate level of service to any victims of crime or tragedy, through dedicated staff and trained volunteers.

Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada

EFW-Can is a professional community who values building respectful, trusting relationships through the human-equine bond.


Eagala was one of the first to develop a concrete model of professional standards for incorporating horses into mental health treatment.

Family Support for Children with Disabilities

The Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program provides a wide range of family-centred supports and services.

Parent Link Centers

PLCs offer the Positive Parenting Program. Positive parenting skills and an understanding of what to expect of children at different . . .

Healthy Parents Healthy Children

Healthy Parents, Healthy Children is your place to go for current, reliable information based on today’s best knowledge, evidence and practices.

Canadian Association for Play Therapy

The Canadian Association for Play Therapy believes in the value of play therapy and its contribution to an individual’s mental . . .

Alberta Play Therapy Association

APTA is an incorporated non-profit organization that seeks to bring together individuals who understand and utilize . . .

Psychologists' Association of Alberta

The Mission of the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta is to advance the science-based profession of psychology and to promote the well-being and potential of all Albertans.

Canadian Association of Sandplay Therapy

CAST promotes the development of Sandplay Therapy, an experiential and creative psychotherapeutic approach for children and adults.


The International Society has its domicile in Zürich, Switzerland. It is an umbrella society operating through a number of ISST Member Societies spread throughout the world.