Dog Helpers



My name is “Watson” and nothing makes me happier than giving other people plenty of cuddles. I usually wait in Jocelyn’s office until you arrive. Sometimes I let out a friendly howl when I’m really excited to see you. When I howl the humans in my world tell me I sound like “Chewbacca” from Star Wars. 

A German Shepard/Husky cross, I am a large dog but I like to pretend I’m a small dog. I wasn’t wanted as a puppy and became fostered through Zoe’s Animal Rescue. I’m really excited and happy that Jocelyn adopted me and has given me a forever home.

I am very gentle, friendly and have a pawsitive impact on others during counselling sessions. I help foster healthy attachment, empathy and confidence. My presence helps facilitate a calm, accepting and nurturing environment. Working, playing and going for walks are some of my favorite things to do. I love learning new things so much that Jocelyn ensured my participation in three different training programs (I got sooo many treats)!



Luca is a two year old white Labrador who loves working with his human and fellow therapist Cierra Chmiliar at our Leduc office. When he’s not busy meeting new people (his favourite pastime), Luca enjoys wiggling and eating his toys. 

Reptile Helper


Ronan is an 8 year old bearded dragon who loves to help people feel safe and comfortable in their therapy sessions. He was adopted by his human mom Dani, when he was 2 years old. Ronan had experienced a traumatic encounter with another bearded dragon where he was severely injured and required amputation of his right front foot. He also lost some toes on his left foot during the incident.

This left Ronan feeling fearful of other bearded dragons and needing a new home. Despite the amputation Ronan gets around with no problems; he doesn’t let his circumstances get in his way. He loves to meet people, have cuddles, get a shoulder ride and eat his two favourite treats: blueberries and super worms! Ronan works with registered psychologist and animal assisted therapist Dani-Lyn Neufeld in FCC’s Leduc and Beaumont offices.

Equine Helpers

Hooves of Hope Ranch

Registered Psychologist Dani-Lyn Neufeld provide Equine-Assisted Therapy Sessions in partnership with Hooves of Hope Ranch in Millet, Alberta. Additional animals like horses, goats, chicken, cats and sheep may be integrated into animal assisted therapy at the Hooves of Hope Ranch. To view the animal helpers at Hooves of Hope Ranch, please visit their website at

Hooves of hope