Message From Our Founder

“Our clinical team strives to provide members of our community with safety, acceptance, respect, understanding, helpfulness, empowerment, and input. We want our clients to know it’s not simply a job for us, but a privilege to get to know you and to join you on your journey. Everyone is coming from their own unique situation in life so our clinicians will ensure they fully understand each client or family individually to relate effectively to your purposes for seeking help. Whether it is to process aspects of your life in order to make sense of what you are going through, to gain perspective or hope, increase communication with your loved ones, or to help your struggling child. We also know that therapy needs to be individualized in order for the therapist and client to connect in a genuine way, and traditional counselling is not always the right path for every person. Accordingly, we strive to offer a therapeutic experience that is as unique as the individuals who are seeking help.” Tammy Schamuhn Registered Psychologist, & Play Therapist Founder & Executive Director