Animal Helpers

Loki Hi! My name is "Loki" and I love being a part of your therapy. I wait patiently in Tammy's office for you to arrive. I especially love children and enjoy giving kisses, cuddles, and doing tricks to make you smile. I am a three-year old Border Collie/German Sheppard cross. I had a rough start in life and nobody seemed to want me. Then I was adopted by Tammy and her family, and now I am one happy pup! Border Collie dogs really like to work, so Tammy has trained me how to do lots of activities with kids; this makes kids feel good inside. It's up to kids whether they want to meet me. I sometimes like to sit in with adults who come talk to Tammy too. I'm really very sweet and try to behave like a good dog, but sometimes I get excited and have little problems- so kids help train me :) Tammy can show you how to do that. Mostly I behave myself very well and I never hurt anyone. I always give my best and try really hard to be good:) If you would like to meet me and play with me, you can tell them at Family Counselling Centres Leduc. Tammy will meet with you first to show you some great ways to say hello to me, and she will give you treats when we first meet— I LOVE that!!! Here's a picture of me! I hope we get to meet some day!

Effie My name is Effie and I am a 5-year-old Border Collie/Sheltie cross. I was raised in Leduc in a home where I was loved, but I was adopted by Reanna Lomheim with FCC because my previous family knew I would be happier with lots of exercise, a job to go to each day, and lots of kids (and adults) to cuddle- I think I was born to help people and now I get a second chance. I'm one of those dogs who prefers to spend time with humans than other dogs so being at the clinic is my dream come true! I love to chase birds, go for walks, and give snuggles to almost everyone. I am a very gentle and calm dog but sometimes I can be shy. Once I know you are safe and you like me I will be your very best friend!

Watson My name is "Watson" and nothing makes me happier than giving other people plenty of cuddles. I usually wait in Jocelyn's office until you arrive. Sometimes I let out a friendly howl when I'm really excited to see you. When I howl the humans in my world tell me I sound like "Chewbacca" from Star Wars. I am a one and half year old German Shepard/Husky cross. I am a large dog but I like to pretend I'm a small dog. I wasn't wanted as a puppy and became fostered through Zoe's Animal Rescue. I was really excited and happy when Jocelyn adopted me and gave me a forever home. I am very gentle and have a pawsitive impact on others during counselling sessions. I help foster healthy attachment, empathy and confidence. My presence helps facilitate a calm, accepting and nurturing environment. I enjoy working, playing and going for walks. I love learning new things so much that Jocelyn ensured my participation in three different training programs (I got sooo many treats)!

CHINOOK Chinook is a 7-year-old Arabian Saddlebred gelding. Chinook is the newest horse to our program and it owned by our director, Tammy Schamuhn. Chinook knows what it's like to be the "new kid," is still sometimes has a hard time finding his place in the herd. Chinook is still in training and can be grumpy about going to "school" to learn. He also struggles with anxiety and hates being separated from his herd. Chinook is very social and our child clients really have a special place in his heart.

SPIRIT Spirit is a 14 year-old Arabian/Draft gelding, and is the leader or "alpha" of our gelding herd. Spirit is a sensitive horse and seems to know when someone needs a hug or extra special attention. Spirit is known for taking care of our clients, especially those who struggle with anxiety or confidence, as well as the other horses—he is a calm and grounding presence in our program. He was born and raised at Mystic Meadows Equine Centre, and is the oldest brother of Bandit and Flame. Spirit is an athletic horse who has a background in competitive dressage and jumping.

BUDDY Buddy is a 11 year old Haflinger gelding. Buddy is very social and love to be groomed with people. He is very gentle with children and is known for being very cuddly. Buddy also has as a disability; he is blind in his right eye. Buddy is often treated differently by the other horse because of his disability and is excluded from the group- just like many of our clients know what it's like to be excluded because they are different or stand out. Buddy is an excellent listener and love to be groomed, walked, or to have his mane and tail braided.

Sox Sox is a 11 year old Quarter Horse mare. Sox is a good natured horse who loves to be groomed and lead around. She is very patient with most people. Sox is great for those who are a little bit scared of horses as she will be very gentle and patient with you. Sox grew up at Mystic Meadows and once was a very talented show horse. Now she enjoys going for rides with her owner and working with kids.

BANDIT Bandit is a 10 year-old Arabian/Draft gelding and is the brother of Flame and Spirit. Bandit is best described as the "class clown" of the gelding herd. Bandit is known for his antics and silly nature. He has a way of making our clients smile and is always the first horse at the gate to say hello. At times Bandit can struggle with self-control and maintaining appropriate personal space. Consequently, many of our clients are able to spend time working through their own issues regarding setting boundaries with others while working side by side with Bandit.

HUGO Hugo is a 9 year old Canadian gelding. Hugo can be very anxious and has lots of things he is quite scared of. He is especially fearful of things that move very fast, loud noises, and seeing new things for the first time. In his last home Hugo was picked on by the other horses in his field and people were not always patient and kind to him. Because of his own fears and past experiences Hugo is still learning to trust others; something many of our clients can relate to. Once you get to know Hugo, and he knows you won't hurt him, he is such a gentle and loving animal.

SKY Sky is a 5 year old Wildy mare. Sky is very special because she was born in the wild, not on a farm. Sky was rescued from an auction where they were worried she was going to be sold for meat (as people often don't want to buy a horse that is wild and scared of people). They brought to Mystic Meadows where she had her first baby (Electra) a few weeks later….SURPRISE!!! Sky moved from living in the wild to living on a farm—a very big change for this little lady! She understands what it's like to be unsure of herself and is still practicing being a domesticated horse instead of a wild horse. Sky also gets scared very easily by things—we think she's always on the lookout for bears or cougars even though we don't have any of those around;)

GRASSHOPPER Grasshopper is a 11 year old Arabian/Saddlebred Gelding. Grasshopper spent the first 6 years of his life away from humans, so it takes him a long time to get used to being around new people--especially if they are angry or nervous. Grasshopper is a very curious horse but doesn't like to be caught on a halter; most of our clients just say hello to him in the field. Grasshopper is also very sensitive to people's feelings. We call him our "thermometer" because he always tells us how people are feeling. We just know a client is doing better and learning to cope with their feelings when they can go up and give Grasshopper a pet.

JASPER Jasper is a 9 year old Welsh pony gelding. Jasper understands how it feels for many of our clients who may have been told they have a 'bad attitude' or struggle with making friends. Jasper has very firm opinions about things and is not usually sacred to express these - in this way he is very good a teaching people to communicate clearly and to tell each other how they feel about things. Jasper is a very talented show horse but seems to struggle in trusting new people and getting close to them takes some time.

AJACKS Ajax is a 4 year old Miniature Donkey. Ajax is the comedian of the herd and loves to make kids laugh by acting silly. He especially loves to holler "hello" when people drive out us - you call this braying. Ajax is very friendly, but also can be very jealous at times if the other horses are getting attention and he's not. You can put a halter on and lead Ajax around; however, in true donkey fashion he's known to be stubborn and doesn't always listen;) Working with Ajax is good for people who have a hard time with patience.

Daisy Daisy is a 15 year-old miniature horse that is part of the FCC team. Daisy is one of the most patient and experienced horses at Mystic Meadows; she has way of making people feel safe and at ease when they come to the barn. She has experience visiting schools and nursing homes to help people before she became a part of Family Counselling Centres Equine Therapy Program, so helping others is nothing new for her. Kids love to groom her long mane and tail, lead her through obstacles, or just tell her about their day. Daisy is also the mom and grandma of many other miniature horses at Mystic Meadows.

Pilgore, Puff, Boots & Benji This is Pilgore, Puff, Boots & Benji are pygmy goats and they are new to Mystic Meadows Equine Centre and FCC. This bunch is very playful and silly to say the least. We have already found that people like to start their counselling with them and then move onto the horses when they feel more confident. Whenever you chose to spend time with them, we promise they will say hello (this is called bleating) and they will put a smile on your face.

Slim Slim is a cheerful orange barn cat who has cuddled his way into the hearts of our clients. He is quite the chatter box and loves to follow clients around the facility, even when they are working with the horses, donkey, or goats. He will never miss the opportunity for a snuggle on someone's lap.

Joker Joker a little over a year old and is the mischievous one out of the trio of cats. He loves to play and be silly, but can be overwhelmed if there are too many people at the barn so on busy days you may not see him. Overall, he is a light and cheerful presence at Mystic Meadows.

Spice Spice is the senior addition to our cat team and we believe he is over 12 years old. He struggles with arthritis so he doesn't like to be picked up but loves snuggles and pets. He especially loves when we run groups at MMEC and tries to take part in whatever we are doing.

Krysta Krysta is a 24-year-old Arabian mare. She has had 17 homes when she was sold to MMEC, but has now found her forever home at Mystic Meadows. Krysta has experienced abuse in a past home, so she struggles with trusting other horses and people- many of our client's who have come from difficult circumstances can relate to her. That being said, once you earn her trust she is a loyal and trustworthy companion.

Electra Electra is a 3-year-old Wildy mare. She was born and raised at Mystic Meadows and is one of the youngest of the horses here. She is the baby of "Sky." Electra is full of personality and is very social and outgoing; quite a contrast from her mom. Electra can be quite curious and can get herself into trouble at times, but she's like a teenager and still needs to learn from her mistakes.

Merlin Merlin is a 4-year-old Exmoor-Welsh pony. This pony has a ton of personality and is quite the character. He is very clever but can be very stubborn too! He is very outgoing and likes people, but doesn't always like working ;)

Jazz Jazz is a 20-year-old National Show Horse (Arabian/Saddlebred). Jazz is one of most kind and trustworthy horses in our program. She came from a loving home, but was surrendered to MMEC because her owners could no longer care for her. Jazz is great at taking care of clients and is very patient.

Velvet Velvet is a 2-year-old Friesian/Arabian Cross. She came to the barn as a malnourished and neglected baby, but is now healthy and happy. Velvet is one of the first horses to come sat hello at the gate. She is a little anxious and does not like being away from her horse family. That being said she is kind, gentle, tolerant, and affectionate with clients.

Rascal Rascal is a 15-year-old Shetland pony. Rascal has found a new home as a lesson horse and as a part of the FCC therapy program. Over the last 10 years he has taught many small children how to ride and is very good at keeping people safe. Unfortunately, Rascal has some health problems so knows what it's like for children struggling with health concerns. He can be shy at first, but loves attention once he's brought in to work with people.

Magic Magic is a 12-year-old Miniature horse. Magic is a quiet, kind, easy to handle pony. She gets along with most clients and is a very tolerant, kind, and patient gal. She even knows some tricks! She is often used in our therapy groups and clients adore her.